Friday, September 12, 2014

All sorts of stuff

During the beginning of the year we always try and provide some opportunities for students to have some various fun together.  This usually entails volleyball, group games and various activities sprinkled throughout.  We encourage our leaders to cultivate relationships during these times.  We had some good turnouts these past couple weekends, with volleyball on both Saturday mornings, a game night two fridays ago, and this past Friday night a fire at Brandon and Erin's place.  They were all well attended, with quite a number of new students getting involved.

Please continue to pray for relationships to form, and for Bible studies to be blessed with the gospel being made clear, students getting saved and fruit growing from these times.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off and Running

We had a blessed first Large Group meeting two nights ago!  


I was very happy with the turnout, something just short of 60 students came to our large group meeting, with the vast majority of them being brand new.  

Brandon spoke on the gospel and an introductory message about 1 Corinthians, which focused predominately how just how much Americans are like the 1st century Corinthians.  It was quite interesting and remarkable to see the similarities!


What does the title mean, you might ask?  Well, thanks for asking, it means "Campus and Community Fall Festival".

It's a fairly important afternoon for us to connect with students (mainly freshmen) at the beginning of the year.

This year, we had something like 200-300 surveys that the students filled out, out of which we kept short of 100 that responded with something like "yeah, I'd like to learn more about God", or "I'd like to join a Bible study", etc.

It's exciting, the opportunities that we have from days like this.  Please pray God would equip us to continue to followup well with these and many more students!