Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blog Blits #3 - Boys

Just thought I'd throw up an update on the boys.

Asher is almost 2, and Lewis is nearly 7months.

Blog Blitz #2 - Leadership Recruitment Weekend

Two weekends ago, we had Friday evening through Saturday evening of our annual leadership recruitment weekend.  We invite anyone interested in knowing more about Equip, and anyone interested in considering applying for the leadership team to come join us.

It was a great time over all.  It's really packed with lots of teaching, from all morning on Saturday going through some important theological issues, to the how of ministry (discipleship, mostly), and some other distinctives (local church, etc.).

We had about 35 of us there, and for the first tie ever, we had two campuses, as we joined with USD!

Blog Blitz, anyone? (#1)

May I highlight a few things, in very close succession?  Does it still count as faithfully blogging about ministry stuff? (no)

But, I'm going to do it anyway, and try and catch y'all up on a few things that have been going on these past couple of weeks.

This week, I spoke at two Equip meetings.  One was our USD location (Vermillion), down where Brandon is.  I redid a message from James, and then last night we continued forward in James 2:1-13, entitled "Show Me Your Faith by being Impartial like God". 

Here is the group down as USD: