Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bragging a Bit

So much to update...this time of the year has always got away from me.  Or rather, as I should say (and encourage the young men I meet with to do) I let this part of the semester get away from me.  Geesh...it's easy to always blame stuff other than myself.  Anywho... :)

Just a quick update to brag on my wife.
If you don't know already, she is an amazing artist.  She paints like no-body's business.

see the background through the glass? Those are the statues that these are a painting of...cool.

And now a couple of her pieces that she was commissioned for the Student Union at SDSU are hanging up in a prominent, visible place, just outside Einstein Bagels.  Thousands of students walk by it every day, and if you're ever in the union, stop by and check them out!