Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Off and running, already parched

Just a quick note to check in.

We are now on our third Wednesday night large group of this 2017 Spring semester.  What?! 3rd!? Yes, the third week is upon us.  It has been a good start, though.  I've been really digging our series "Show Me Your Faith" - which is just the book of James.  I'm hoping to get "all" the way through the book, and so far we're on track.  Tonight's message is "Show me Your Faith by Hearing and Doing the Word", from James 1:19-27.  Last week was "Show me Your Faith by Desiring Divine Reward" from 1:12-18, and the first week from "Show me Your Faith by Counting it All Joy", from 1:1-11.

Anyway, we've had a men's and women's event already (concurrently), which the guys basically just hung out a bit and then spent an hour or more reading this article, "The Complicated Life of Lazy Boys".  I'd read it a couple times before.  It was a very good discussion, with what felt like some legitimate conviction from some of them.

As the title hints at, I already feel like I'm a bit tired.  I think this is in part because the last 1.5 weeks was really packed.  I spoke at Equip on Wednesday,preached on Sunday at Church, I taught the next day at Ratio Christi, and I speak tonight at Equip.  It feels like a lot...perhaps I'm starting to feel Brandon being gone more than last semester.  But, it's been good, and God has blessed the teaching and preaching.

Emma and I are headed to Bethlehem's Pastors Conference this coming Sunday night through Wednesday, which we are both very eager for.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially for a faithful perseverance this semester.

Friday, January 20, 2017

What gender are you? You have 77 options...

I'm about to sit in the Student Union for 2-4 hours for our "Free Book Friday" dealio.

Today's book is "Transgender".  The title of this post communicates just how terribly confused our culture is.  At one point, Facebook listed something like 77 options of gender, and now I believe lets you choose from an infinite list...or rather, you can type in literally anything you want to describe "your gender".

So, this topic is, to put it lightly, an important one.   And unfortunately, my generation (especially) has virtually no idea what they think about all of this.  We are an incredibly confused people.

So, I'm hoping to distribute a few books today and ask that God would do great things so such a small effort.