Saturday, December 29, 2012


Would you take a moment and please pray for the SDSU students time at conference for the next 5 days?
Dawn, Brooke, Heidi, Ryan, Caleb, Mark, Andrew, Troy and myself.

I'm praying that God would renew a passion for his glory, and a hold like dependence upon him as our trustworthy Father.

Conference time can be an exhausting time, so pray for open and attentive minds, as well as soft hearts to truly be affected by these unique and often powerful times.

(Ryan was off somewhere for the photo)

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Conference

On my way to the 2012 conference, along with 8 equippers! We are staying the night in Minneapolis with my wonderful relatives, then hopping on a couple buses with a bunch of Campus Outreach students and driving to Milwaukee, WI.
Pray that the time would be beneficial in our faith, and that relationships could form and to deeper, especially with The Lord.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stuck...Snow...and Such

Went home to Dawson, MN to preach at Dawson Covenant Church on Saturday evening.  Caught the very beginning of the storm, but the bulk of the storm has since kept me in Dawson until at least tomorrow morning.

Church was cancelled, so I wasn't able to preach.  This was a major bummer for me, I was really excited to preach on Jeremiah 2:1-13.  But, it also provided me some quality time at home that otherwise wouldn't have had.

Looking forward to a couple of days with Brandon, as we do our semesterly assessment of the past semester and plan for the next.  We'd greatly appreciate prayer that God would bless our thoughts, enabling us to remember the semester well, change and plan for what we'd like to change for next year, and then of course plan effectively and fruitfully for Spring 2013!