Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is the Gospel?

I had the privilege and weighty responsibility to stand up and explain the gospel at Dawson Covenant Church this past Sunday morning.  I did my best to expound Ephesians 2:1-7, relatively verse by verse, for the passage is quite clear: vv1-3 is the [very] bad news, and 4-7(10) is the very good news.  So, I just wanted to do a quick followup and put a few of my favorite short gospel explanations for you.  There are countless others I'm sure, and of course explaining the gospel can and often does last much longer than a couple minutes, but here are a few short examples:

Matt Chandler:

Trip Lee, in  format than I'm sure most of you are less familiar with: (or click here for HD quality)

John Piper on the gospel (in a little diddy called a "sermon jam"):

Conrad Mbewe using John 3:16: (or click here for better quality)

Enough for now, I hope these will be helpful in refreshing and causing you to consider the gospel today.  Pass them on to your loved ones