Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The Nations are on our doorstep"

The title and the picture are (sorta) unrelated in content.

The title is something that "Jake" said last night at Equip Large Group.  He was referencing the fact that 95%+ of the unreached people in the world live in the "10/40 window"...basically from Africa through China and in between.  But at Universities like SDSU, they are literally living among us, and headed back home.  So, what an opportunity.  Jake, btw, is from "The Traveling Team", a missions mobilization ministry that goes all over the country speaking at college ministries.  They were great!

The picture is of the recently started "Reading Group".  There are about nine of us, and we are reading and discussing Doug Wilson's "Same-Sex Mirage".  We are three chapters in, and there has already been some very good discussion and interaction over the content.  I'm eager to see where it goes for the rest of the semester.

ps.  The more complete e-newsletter is forthcoming...soon and very soon!