Friday, February 2, 2018

Leadership Weekend

Starting tonight at 6:00, we have our annual 24-hour leadership recruitment weekend.   We spend some hours going over important theological and biblical distinctives, team building, mission/vision and the vehicle and means by which we mostly do ministry in Equip, both at SDSU and USD.

It's packed, and we hope that several new students decide to commit themselves to prioritizing being an Equip leader for 2018/19. 

Would you pray for us?  Ask for :

  1. wisdom and clarity in teaching
  2. that the Holy Spirit would make the gospel message first and foremost, and that He'd grant great conviction and urgency about it
  3. that relationships would form and deepen between students
  4. and that God would grant us the right leaders for this next school year.  

I'm eager for this time, it goes fast but it is pretty darn significant in forming the shape of our next year of ministry.