Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Relationships with the Opposite Sex - Searching for Clarity

Two Wednesday ago I preached on this.  I actually preached on it the night before as well, Tuesday night at Equip-USD and then the next night up here.  I thought it went well at USD, felt genuine God-given conviction and passion, and it seemed to be clear and helpful.  I didn't exactly feel that way up here, but, as these things go, I left that in God's hands.  Feeling passionate or perceiving myself to be speaking with clarity, although desirable and good, are not the measure of success or faithfulness in the preaching of God's truth.

And, as these things happen, God sees fit to remind me of this truth in stronger ways from time to time, like when I don't think I do a good job but in fact God uses that time especially to convict and persuade.
Which is what has apparently happened with several people.  It's good to hear good feedback sometimes, students telling me this or that that was helpful or convicting, and I'm always grateful to God for allowing me to hear such things.

However, I don't believe I've ever heard "I'm getting married in December because of what you said on Wednesday."  That is a first.  It's certainly among the scariest feedback I've heard.  She did clarify, after I pushed in a bit, that they'd been engaged but were planning to wait for another year until she graduated, but decided waiting that long wasn't wise, based on some of what I said the other night.  So, let's pray 1) what I taught was in fact true, and 2) she didn't misunderstand me.  :)

If anyone ever tells you that words aren't powerful in changing peoples lives, don't believe them. Words have power, and we have an awful responsibility to make sure our words are the words God would have us believe and say.

Oh also...an Equip regular also decided that the pseudu-lationship he had with his lady-friend needed urgent clarity after the same message.  We met to discuss it a few days ago, and hopefully he's on the right track, too.