Thursday, May 14, 2015

Asher Ascending...

I couldn't think of a better alliteration...

As you most likely know already, Emma and I had our baby boy on April 3rd!  Baby Asher Thomas was 7lb .5ounces, and has currently been packing on the weight, at least a couple times now put on a pound in a week, and is almost 11lbs now!

I won't continue to be that parent who talks about nothing but their I'll just post a bunch of pictures, instead. :)

still the 1st or 2nd day of being 'out'...he has grown since! 

He still loves to stick his hands on his face
There are 6 boys in the church under 6ish months
 (one was absent this day) 
thanks to the Isenbergs...
he has good form, but I'm working on his distance 

he has started smiling a bit

I missed the moment before when he was stretching
and his arms were sticking straight up even further

March (and April) Mashup, pt 1

Its been two months since I posted an update.  I've just been so swamped I haven't even had 5 minutes to write a blog!  Not.  I do apologize for not updating more in the past couple months of ministry, but I'll try and make up for it in the next couple posts.

  1. First, a thankfulness for the blessing and responsibility to teach the Bible to students.  Every Tuesday, in Weary Wil's Sports Grill in the Union, John Reiners and I met and talked about all sorts of things; how he is doing, how his devotional life was, sin, victory over sin, uncertainty about life, etc.  We also spent a significant amount of time studying Colossians.  We do what's called the "Inductive Bible study method", which (in a nutshell) is carefully observing, interpreting and applying God's Word.  My time with John this past semester was honestly some of the best time in the word
    with a student I've had in a long time.  He was/is an astute guy, eager to not jump to conclusions and humble to acknowledge what he didn't know.  Unfortunately, John is transferring to STI in Sioux Falls next year, since he got a full-ride scholarship to study automotive repair.  So, seems like a great thing for him, but I'll miss him.
    John attended our leadership recruitment weekend
    (2nd from the left)
    right in front, on the right.  John attended our apologetic/Christian education classes every Monday night all year
    3rd guy from the left in the back row