Wednesday, January 24, 2018

White-Hot Zeal, Lukewarm Laziness & the Urgency of Leadership

Happy new year!

We (Ratio Christi) had an event on Monday night called "Three Myths of the University: Truth, Tolerance and Diversity", and it went well.  ~50 students (and others) showed up, we had a good time of Q&A and a long conversation with some ladies that weren't on the same page.  (You can actually watch the event here, we live-streamed it.  The quality isn't great, but doable if you're interested, the event doesn't start until 10min in).

Tonight I'm preaching at Equip on Zeal for the Lord, titling the message "White-Hot Zeal, Lukewarm Laziness & the Urgency of Leadership".  Please pray for the Lord to move in powerful ways.  The* application of the message is inviting students to participate in our leadership recruitment weekend on February 2-3.  The leadership team each year is a pretty huge deal, determining a good amount of what we do and how it's done, so I would really appreciate prayer for tonight and for our leadership weekend.