Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the Future...

Confession, I am only going 'back'... the title is a fun reference.
After a regretful reflection of not blogging often enough, I'm going to be moon-walking over some of the ministry events and reports during the past few weeks, starting with our last men's event, "Man-Zilla"(again, sweet 80's reference).

And mainly, I'm just gonna post a few photos from each event, or briefly discuss the event, seeing as how I don't have pictures for several of them.

Man-Zilla is essentially a few hours of manly competitions, followed by a couple hours of discussion over an article by Al Mohler entitled "13 Marks of Manhood" (which can be found here).
It was a really good discussion, with what we hope and pray will produce some fruit of conviction and encouragement towards pursuing Christ-centered transformation into a godlier man.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Money and Wealth

The last two weeks of Reasons Seminars has been a short series on "Money & Wealth".  It was a very concise and yet very helpful series that served the students who came.  Rod May (friend, mentor, FBC elder, local entrepreneur/business owner and a heck of a guy) led this two week seminar, and I am thankful to God for his time and effort to do so.  The recording of the second week can be accessed here, although it is without the visual worksheets he had for us, which were very helpful.

Thanks to Rod May for serving us in this way!

In two weeks from now, we will have another guest teacher, Bryan Kegley.  Bryan will be doing another two week seminar called "Philosophy and the Christian: 101".  Bryan graduated with a philosophy degree, and has a knack for approaching it and understanding it from a biblical standpoint.  I am excited to have Bryan come.