Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Bethel Intensive Week Ever

Most of you know, but I have been working my through seminary for the past three years, and I am now about 24 days from being totally and completely done...except for the next few years of loans I have to pay back, of course.

It is a bitter sweet feeling. I greatly look forward to having an extra 15-20 hours every week, and not having papers, projects and tests constantly hanging over my head. On the other hand, as I ended my last week, I realized just how much I have enjoyed and benefited from my Bethel education. There has been time where what I mainly concern myself with is the criticism and negative things that I have seen and experienced (such as not enough Church History classes, for instances). However, I was reminded by this last class by just how much I have indeed learned and benefited. I’ve gained incredibly valuable relationships with classmates and professors. I’ve grown a ton in the past three years of being stretched and challenged in my convictions, whether weak or strong. My last class was indeed very challenging, and not like how I expected it to be.

So, thanks to all who have prayed for me and to everyone that supports me, since seminary has been a large part of my life these past three years.

I don’t plan on moving or doing anything different than what I am currently doing, Equip! I get asked “what are you going to do now” quite often, which has been unexpected. I went into seminary with the intention of learning and growing myself, being better equipped to equip others, and by God’s grace, that is exactly the same plan today. This isn’t to say the Lord might not draw me elsewhere in the future potentially, but I love Equip and have a large conviction about what we are doing. It has been great, and now I’ll be even more time to devote to serving and equipping college students.

ps...the video has virtually nothing to do with this post, except that the school year IS indeed coming soon, something like 29 days left! We have a little timer on the website right now, which has been updated and renovated...I rebuilt it, made it stronger, faster than it was before (ala ‘The 60-million dollar Man’).

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