Monday, December 12, 2011

Soiree Stuff

So, as I reflect on my lack of blogging, I realized I hadn't blogged about the Soiree event since it happened!
Long story short, it was a huge success. Over 50 girls came, all the food came together with around 30 men to make the night a smashing hit.
One of the best things was that around half of the girls that came were from the dorms are not involved in Equip in any way. We were able to give them a unique display of what it means to truly serve and honor them as women. We also took an opportunity to explicitly preach the gospel, which for many of them they were not familiar with at all.
The night is a boat load of work to pull off, but we are amazed each year at how much fruit is produced from providing such a unique atmosphere for these girls.

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