Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conference Closing

Seriously, New Years Conference was an amazing and very helpful time in my and the students lives!

It is gloriously true that the daily labor and fight for faith is of the utmost importance and central in our lives. This has been impressed and significantly reminded to me during these past few days. The gospel call on our lives is to press into The Lord, to plead in desperation for the strength to comprehend what is the height, and length and depth and breadth of our Lord. I'm so thankful for this unique time to be reminded of this, and extremely grateful for the grace of God in my life.

But also...
I'm very thankful that God does indeed give us these unique and powerful moments on the "hilltop" to be challenged, encouraged, convicted and exhorted to press on to know Him. Conference and times like it have proven to be an incredibly blessed time for me and the students that God has chosen to draw on these times. It's not in every season of life that one is able to take five straight days to hear intense preaching, nearly constant fellowship and days full of the Word and prayer.
I'm so very glad that He has chosen to grant me with this privilege!
Would you pray with me that The Lord would continue to produce fruit in mine and the student's lives as a result of his conference? Pray that the things learned and the convictions that the Spirit has brought would remain and continue to grow in our hearts, daily producing the fruit of the Spirit.

Also please pray that God would bring about a great increase in evangelism and discipleship in mine and the student's lives. I feel this lack in my own life right now, and I am truly excited to see Him work and save he lost thru the power of the gospel proclamation!

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