Thursday, February 7, 2013


That reference to David Bowie may or may not be accurate...but I think it is.
There are indeed some changes 'round these parts.

There are of course always great things happening, put perhaps the most recent and exciting change for me is the beginning of a new relationship.

That's right, the long time Lone Ranger has lassoed his Tonto, except this Tonto is a girl (quite a cute girl I might add).  A month ago I approached this Tonto, whose stage name is "Emma DeJong".
I "sat her down" (as the say) and basically asked her if she was interested in taking a month of intentionally pursuing a relationship, seeing if further affections might arise and if God might lead us in wisdom towards further things together.

Long story short (but short time), she said "yes" for some strange reason, and we've been moving in a healthy and positive direction together.

It's a bit surreal, but things have been super blessed and we have been getting to know each other quite well, and I've been enjoying that a great deal (she says she does, but I find that hard to believe ;).

Why share this on a blog post?
Good question, simple answer:  I would very much request your prayer for us.  Emma and I have known each other for 4 years now, so there is an incredible amount of ground already covered. This is one reason it is going fast, the other is because we sorta like each other...

So, please pray!  Pray our relationship would grow in Christ, finding our joy and purposes in Jesus and not primarily in each other. We have been grateful to God for much answered prayer, and we are asking for even more, that His name would be lifted high, and we would walk forward in wisdom and holiness.

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