Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the Future...

Confession, I am only going 'back'... the title is a fun reference.
After a regretful reflection of not blogging often enough, I'm going to be moon-walking over some of the ministry events and reports during the past few weeks, starting with our last men's event, "Man-Zilla"(again, sweet 80's reference).

And mainly, I'm just gonna post a few photos from each event, or briefly discuss the event, seeing as how I don't have pictures for several of them.

Man-Zilla is essentially a few hours of manly competitions, followed by a couple hours of discussion over an article by Al Mohler entitled "13 Marks of Manhood" (which can be found here).
It was a really good discussion, with what we hope and pray will produce some fruit of conviction and encouragement towards pursuing Christ-centered transformation into a godlier man.

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