Monday, January 20, 2014

"Make yourself at home in SDSU’s Living Room"

Courtesy of SDSU's facebook page

This is the opening line of the website for SDSU's "Student Union".  It is appropriate.  The Union truly is the "living room" of the campus.  It's where the vast majority of the food is on campus, where most of the various clubs and organizations have their offices (greek life, University Program council, etc.), it's where the big Campus & Community Fall Festival (C2F2, as they call it) is held each semester.  We just had the Spring "festival" this past Wednesday, in fact.  Student come to the Union to do everything from studying as if at the library, to eating lunch or just hanging out all day (lots of students do this).

The Union is also where we hold a substantial number of activities and gatherings, from Bible studies to one-on-one meetings.  It being the "living room" of the campus makes this a no-brainer, since every single student knows where the Union is, and it is centrally located around most everything.

This past Wednesday we were in the Union for our first Large Group meeting of 2014, this new Spring semester. In fact, this whole semester we are experimenting with having our Large Group meetings in the Union the first Wednesday of each month (four times total).   We have been thinking of moving back onto campus for years now.  There are several details I'll leave out, the basic rational is accessibility to freshmen and sophomores.  It is incredibly easy to walk over to the Union on a Wednesday night, while it is certainly more work and planning to make it to one's car, get off campus, find the church and make it to Equip.  Plenty of students have done it for years, but we are hoping and praying that being on campus may make the access even better and the ability for students to invite and bring their friends all the more fruitful and easy to get them there.

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