Tuesday, August 23, 2016

222 is the Mark of the Lamb

If 666 is the "mark of the beast", 222 must be something, right? I've determined, through careful exegesis, prayer and much magic-8 ball staring, that 222 is the number of...students that we had fill out a survey on Sunday afternoon.

Actually, it was just the total that we counted afterward.

And it was good, 222 surveys is a very good day for us at the booth where thousands of students walk through.  We had some amazing student leaders and volunteers working the booth all day, and there was a high percentage of people who filled the survey out who gave high numbers in response to the question "What is your interest in knowing God more?" or "Interest in learning more about God with others in a small group?".

AND, we had over 200 students attend the Kickoff BBQ last night.  I always enjoy the BBQ a great deal, but I also have a love-hate relationship with such recruitment things, so although I'm glad it's over, I'm also very thankful that God blessed it by bringing many students, and seemingly many students who seemed genuinely interested in getting involved.  I tell them a bit about Equip during the middle of the meal, share the gospel and essentially briefly implore them to consider Jesus.

It was a good night, and I would very much covet your prayers for tomorrow night, when I tell them what we're passionate about as a ministry and give a better explanation of the gospel.

  • Please pray God would move in my heart and mind as I finish preparations and delivery tomorrow evening
  • Please pray that we'd have ready what we need for large group to most effectively connect the students to Bible studies and relationships with believers
  • Please pray for the student leaders' ability to facilitate small group discussions well, leading toward the Bible and being outward focused during the night for the benefit of others.

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