Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nearing the end, but not slowing down

"God is a moral monster, who has entire civilizations killed by the hands of Israel"
"God aborts more children every year in the womb than do humans by abortion"
"I simply see no evidence that God exists, and in fact see the world exactly as I think it might be based on the assumption that there is no God"

A week ago from last night, Brandon, several Equip students and myself attended a lecture event called "Morality: With and Without God" the above quotes are but a sampling of.
The speaker was a self-professed atheist and secular humanist, who was sponsored by the atheist/agnostic group on campus, called "Saafe" (skeptics, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, empiricists).
There is much that could be said about this event, from the fairly heated reactions from some of those attending (although the majority of the time was level headed and not heated at all), to the fact that we were up till 2:00am with the guy and some other atheistic students eating wings and nachos at Cubby's. But, the main thing that I want to stress is simply how serious of a thing this sort of thinking is, atheistic thinking that is.
Here on SDSU, an incredibly conservative and religious place (compared to many university settings), we have students being persuaded by the kind of logic and thought process presented by this speaker. If you (as my wonderful and devoted reader) are not familiar with atheistic influence or arguments, then my main point is to highlight just how dangerous it can be. Because, here is the thing, although Brando and I sat there the whole time just internally shaking our heads at the very low-level of argumentation that they guy used, there were many students cheering and being greatly encouraged in their unbelief. This is scary to me. Not scary because I think that he had any real arguments on which to stand, but scary because even his arguments were apparently persuasive and encouraging to those who had similar beliefs.

Furthermore, there were many Christians present that night, and there were several times when their responses and questions reflected a very low level of understanding and critical thought. This isn't unique to SDSU, this is simply the state of critical thinking and biblical understanding among believers in this country. Sometimes I was more impressed with the thought process of some of the unbelievers than that of the believing students (whom I usually knew personally).

So, as you might guess, this was greatly inspiring and convicting for me, to continue doing what I'm doing, and pray that more people would get behind the need that our college students have to really understand what they believe and why they believe it. Please continue to pray that God would be pleased to bless our efforts here here at SDSU, and that our hearts would be further set on fire for His glory. I want to continue Equip's influence, that more and more students would come to know Christ personally, and be so equipped to carry that message to their family, friends, classmates, co-workers and the world.

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