Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Okay, so it isn't actually [fun] raising, I just love the way that works.

But, I am now fully engaged in FUNDRAISING for the summer! For whomever of you keeps up with my blog postings on my ministry life, you may or may not know how big a part of my life that fundraising is...especially in the summer. all of this is to say, please pray for my fundraising efforts this summer!

Specifically, pray that fundraising would be more than simply raising funds, but that God would bless me with financial and prayer partners that are excited and moved by the vision of Equip, and want to see more and more college students reached and equipped to proclaim and spread the gospel of Christ, during their college years, and especially the rest of their life. When people who are passionate about that support me, it makes all the difference in the world in how I go about doing ministry with their support.

So, this afternoon and all evening I've been writing thank you letters and organizing a bunch of stuff on my computer to start calling and meeting with people this summer. Shown here is Mike Berhow, the recent returnee to Brookings, along with his wife Becky. Mike, if you didn't know, was a staff member two years ago, and will be volunteering some of his time to teach and help do some ministry this next year and more to come, hopefully! Please pray that Mike and Becky would get involved and be blessed as they transition back to life here in Brookings.

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