Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meagan's Testimony

On my newsletter I have a small excerpt of Meagan's testimony, and would like to share the whole thing here:

"February 17, 2011 was the first night I had entered the doors of 1st Baptist Church for Equip. I had no idea what to expect. A couple of friends had invited me to go along with them that Wednesday night. Everyone I met was very friendly and something about that place just felt homey. We sat in a small room and sang a few songs, prayed, and then Brandon spoke about Christ for a while. When Brandon was done he asked us all to bow our heads for prayer. Right then the room became warm and what seemed like every single sin I had ever done in my life had flashed right in front of me. My heart began to beat really fast and just felt heavy. My whole body was heavy, like someone was sitting on my shoulders and I was desperately trying to stand up with them forcing me down. Tears fell from my eyes at a rapid pace I had never seen before. Every time I wiped them away on my sleeve another ten drops were ready to fall. I didn’t quite understand exactly what was happening to me, but when we went back to my dorm room my friends Michelle and Tom, both amazing Christian friends of mine, came up to my room and talked me through what had happen to me. I remember every time I would say something Tom would flip through his Bible so fast to show me a verse that proved that God had made me new that night. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to go to sleep and wake up the next day living my life a complete 180 from what it had used to be. The change was so drastic that all of my friends tell me they don’t even know who I am anymore.

I’m a completely new creation! I had grown up sitting in a pew every Sunday calling myself a Christian. How ignorant I was to believe that I was a Christian just because I went to church on Sunday, ate the bread and drank the wine, sang the songs they asked, and tried to stay awake as my Pastor went on and on. Every now and then I would get a slight idea about opening my Bible, but it never lasted long. I would compare myself to my friends and the choices they were making and tell myself, “I’m a good person.” But until that night at Equip I had never noticed how disgusting my sin truly was. I give God all the credit for what He did to me that night at Equip!

Equip has helped me so much since that night. I have made many new wonderful friends who make great accountability partners to keep me on track with reading my bible and staying in worship. Luke gave me a helpful perspective on how as a Christian I am in a constant spiritual war with my own sins. We want to kill and defeat our sins so we can be closer to God and try to be like Jesus. I’m discovering what it means to be a Christian and making those changes in my life, defeating my sin and making a better relationship with God. Equip has been a great tool that God has given me to becoming a better Christian."

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