Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fellowship and Theology

Since Emma is simply a better writer than I might hope to be, I'm posting the link to her latest (2nd) blog post from STP.

On a more personal note, I can't believe it is already June 15th! I am going to be back in SD super crazy soon.
My time here, however, has been absolutely amazing!
Here is a brief rundown of whats been going on so far:
  1. I've been able to learn a whole lot from these COM staff guys, how they do ministry, their hearts for the gospel and their openness and brokenness before the Lord, which has been very helpful.
  2. Every thursday night the students have a scheduled 'social', in which this last week was the "boat social". Very funny, and a great time for them to build relationship and get to know each other right away at the beginning of the project.
  3. I've had a few day training with the staff of COM, (Campus Outreach Minneapolis), plus several days of training and discussion with about 50 other CO staff from all over the place, (Georgia, D.C., Virginia, etc.). Each morning we would all gather, listen to 2-3 different speakers teach on various topics ad break into small groups to talk. A few of the message were:
  • the way we should view the involvement of CO (Equip, in my case) in local churches
  • being gospel centered rather than ministry centered (which was super convicting, I've got a lot to pray about and change in my own heart)
  • rightly treating rest and sabbath.
  • Discipleship vs counseling (which the 'vs' was in-fact not actually a 'vs')
I'll keep it brief, but simply put, I am so super thankful for your prayers and for everyone on my support team that enables me to be here and learn and have an immense time of growth and development. I already know that it is going to make a big difference in my heart and ministry outreach back at SDSU! If it weren't for people like you, these kinds of opportunities would not happen, and the experience and growth would be a lost opportunity.

So, please keep praying for the students, that they would develop friendship and be challenged by their time in the word with others, as well as their time in one-on-one's, being discipled and taught in this jam-packed two-month time!

(The picture is a few students from Michigan State U, from University Reformed Church. John Saunders, their college pastor, has been a super big encouragement to me, and is simply a really godly guy. At the end is Christa Juntenen, a sophomore at SDSU...what a pose.)

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