Friday, January 13, 2012

The Conference was Great!

So, the students officially started classes again yesterday here at SDSU. I've been super excited to start again, with almost an entire month from when students get done in December to now, I can get an itchy trigger finger to get back into their lives, serving and doing what I am truly loving to do the most.

So, the Christmas break was great, spent a lot of time at home with my mom, Brother and his family and the Tanner's family with two of my little cousins. Then, I spend about 5 days in Chatanooga, TN for the Campus Outreach New Year's Conference.

Long story short, the conference was a super good time, lots of fun, and most importantly, lots of conviction and good time with the three "equippers" that came with. Lots of amazing preaching and simply a fantastic opportunity and great way to spend the time!

Anyways, now at the start of another semester, I am eager to make the use of the time that God might give me in 2012. Each day is simply a gift that I may or may not completely receive from the Lord, and that has been on my mind a lot lately.

Pray that I would treat each not without the presumption as if I have another after it.

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