Friday, February 10, 2012

Off for our Spring Leadership Recruitment/Training

The past couple years, we have taken a group of current leadership and a bunch of new potential leaders for the next year. This weekend is that weekend, and I'm very excited!

This year, by the grace of our God, we have over 20 people coming! That is something like double what it was last year.

We will be spending 1/3 of our time doing some theology teaching, 1/3 of our time doing some practical ministry training, then some odds and ends with students teaching about "Taking Initiative", "Personality Text", "Time Management", "Expectations of an Equip Leader" and then simply spending a good amount of time hanging out and having some fun together.

This weekend has proven to be an important part of the preparation for next year, as many new students are introduced to the concept of serving their peers in a much more intense and intentional way.

  • Please pray that those whom God draws, would be convicted and excited about the idea of serving and laying their lives down in love and ministry towards their peers this next year.
  • Pray they would be encouraged and grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their relationships with each other.
  • Pray for the student leaders who are involved in some leading and teaching this weekend, that it would be a very edifying and learning experience for them as much as for everybody else.
  • Finally, pray that the staff (Brando, Dani and myself) would be given high energy to make it through the weekend. It can be exhausting, but there are very few events in the Spring to which I have grown to anticipate as much as this weekend.


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