Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Book Fridays

We've started a new resource distribution initiative on campus.  We're calling it "Free Book Fridays", and it's pretty self-explanatory.
Every (most) Friday for the semester, we're putting up a booth in the Student Union for a couple hours.  Each time we'll be featuring a different book that we hope will be especially relevant or helpful to the 10,000+ students that go in and out of the Union each day.

Today was the first Friday for this dealio, and I had the privilege to chat with "Nick" and "Mackenzie" for quite awhile.  Nick was quite excited to have seen the booth, and tells me he'll see me next Wednesday at our large group meeting.  He asked me near the end of our conversation, "So, you'll be here every Friday?", "yep, most every Friday", "that's awesome, I'll see you every time!"
He was quite excited about it.
So, hopefully the distribution will increase to more than Nick and Mackenzie, but giving away four books the first week feels like a successful and worthwhile time.

Please pray it would increase, and that the fruit and impact of Christ-centered, biblically faithful resources would have an increasingly powerful effect in the lives of those we might not otherwise have the opportunity to effect.

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