Friday, February 6, 2015

Killjoys:the Seven Deadly Sins

Joe, who was very interested, said several times he would see me Wednesday

I started with 5 books today at the booth for "Free Book Fridays".  Before I could take a picture of the beautiful display I had set up of all 5 books laid out in front of Piper's short book trailer video playing, I had 4 different guys come up to me interested in the book. I had the opportunity to describe to them sin and who God is. It was great! Relatively short conversations, but I got emails and phone numbers. I'll be following up with each one of them in perhaps a month or so, asking what they thought of the book. I got to explain Equip a bit to them and invite them into fellowship.  I'm especially excited in getting to get SOLID and Christ-exalting books into students hands.

Please pray these students would read these books and that through that, they would be convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent and/or be deeply impacted about the glory and greatness of Jesus Christ.

We also make other books available. Two of the guys who took the Killjoys I also put Dont Waste Your Life into their hands. We have like 100+ more of those in the office, so I take those opportunities whenever I can. 

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