Monday, April 4, 2016

Ratio Christi

As I've mentioned in one of the past newsletters, we (Equip) have been involved in helping create a new student group on campus called "Ratio Christi".  It is exclusively an "apologetic" ministry, with the express purpose of serving already established college ministries to reach and serve students.  We have been doing essentially the same thing on Monday evenings for several years, and it has been good overall, although with ups and downs.  However, we have never been too successful at reaching other christians on campus involved elsewhere, something we've wanted to be able to do.  So, Ratio Christi was born, with participation with us, Navigators, Intervarsity and others.
It has, by God's grace, been a great year for it, with upwards of 15 students regularly coming and involved, and seemingly some good progress towards better, deeper and more Christ-honoring christian thinking.

It really serves a major role in the mission of Equip..."enable students to humbly proclaim, explain and defend the gospel...".

Tonight, we had a little social BBQ & fire at our new place (3 blocks straight west of camps).  After a while we had everyone hare something more about themselves, as well as a major question/issue/thing they've dealt with in terms of theology or philosophy or whatever.  There were lots of great questions and issues, and we had a great night with all these students!

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