Monday, August 21, 2017

BBQ Report

So for the purposes of this entry I won't go into the details of how or why having larger numbers can be both a good thing and a difficult thing.  But, I'll simply report that God has seen fit to start us off with a bang.  The Student Engagement Expo yesterday was great, we had 350+ students fill out spiritual interest surveys.  That's more than double what we're used to.  So praise God for that, and this evening was probably the largest BBQ we've ever had, somewhere around 200+ students came, and many stayed around and played games and talked for many hours afterward.  Quite a few I spoke to were interested in coming to our large group  meeting where I'll share the gospel in more depth than what I did tonight.  But the gospel presentation tonight was clear and concise, as far as I could tell.
PLEASE PRAY for Wednesdays meeting, as I'll explore it far more and there will be a great deal of opportunity to interact with students more, set up times to meet and share the gospel in person for me and the leaders, and for Bible studies to be populated.  (You can sign up very specifically to pray, please consider doing that).

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