Monday, August 14, 2017

Good Gravy!

Wowy wowy wow...

  • 6 days from now we have our big booth day S.E.E. (Student Engagement Expo...the artist formally known as C2F2, "Campus and Community Fall Festival).  Thousands of students walking by our booth, and lots of opportunities to get a jump on outreach and starting relationships.  
  • A week from tonight is our big Fall outreach BBQ, which is also a pretty big deal for us as 150-200 students come.  They hang out for a couple hours, eat free food (free for them :)), they meet lots of current Equippers, they hear a ~5min gospel presentation and invite/explanation to Equip stuff and play lots of yard games, etc.  
  • Nine days from now our first Wednesday night large group...!!!
Once the flood starts, it doesn't dry up for a few weeks, which means lots of paddling to just stay afloat...but while we float, God is granting a bunch of ministry opportunities, especially for the 2k+ scared and wandering freshmen.  

So, this post is mostly to ask for prayer.  I've put together a Prayer Volunteer form to get as serious and ordered as possible.  Would you please check it out and consider really laboring with us in prayer this semester?

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