Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for my Summer plans

Although I will be shooting out a newsletter with all the latest in the very near future, I thought I could ask for prayer and inform everyone that there are some big developments for my summer plans. Partnership with prayer and financial partners is a huge part of my life, for by it I live and am enabled to do ministry and the work that God has allowed us to be apart of here in Brookings. This is why it is a big deal for me to take a month of this summer and spend it in South Carolina on what is called "Summer Training Project". It is a longer story, but we are sorta partnering-up with a ministry called "Campus Outreach", which is giving us the ability to send students on a 2-month project full of Bible study, leadership training, evangelism and training, worship, constant community and, hopefully, an extremely vamped up time of growth in their faith.

I will be going for the first month as Equip staff, as do all the staff of CO (Campus Outreach), which is a big deal, given that I spend the summers committed to fundraising.
However, ultimately, I am very convinced that it will be absolutely worth it, from the experience to sit under college ministry guys who have far more experience, both in fundraising and in ministry in general.
So, please pray for this trip, as there are lots of preparations to complete.
Also pray for the students coming. Pray that God would grant us 12 (!) students to come with me, and is already almost the case.

I am very excited for this development this year, and am waiting to see, but think that this summer training project just might become an important staple for the life and growth for our students here at Equip SDSU.

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