Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A few hundred more

While I'm at it, I'd ask you for prayer for our upcoming Campus and Community Fall Festival (C2F2, as they call it). 

So, although in many ways we are already brimming with freshmen names and will be striving to minister to as many as we can in a qualitative way as possible, we will be at C2F2 on this coming Monday, having a few hundred more names of students to engage with, follow-up with, share the gospel and invite into fellowship and to hear the word preached on Wednesday evenings at our large group. 

Please pray God would continue to bless  our efforts and that all we do would be with a heart to please our Heavenly Father, to bring him praise by the delighting and treasuring of him by his children. 

(The photos are of the extra 600 surveys I just prepared)

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