Monday, August 25, 2014

Post BBQ

It's 9:36, and its been a long (but fantastic) day, so this will be short.  But in a nutshell (which I'll expand in a few days), the BBQ and engagement with students today was very blessed!  We had over 110 students present at the BBQ, and engaged with 200-300 at the Fall Festival yesterday.  
Anyway, here are some quick photos, I'll add more soon.  

Please pray that God would...
  1. be drawing and softening hearts to hear the gospel, repent and treasure Jesus in the coming days.
  2. be granting us the students that he would have be involved in Equip this year.  We currently have over a dozen Bible studies, and are almost already maxed out on those.  Needles to say...
  3. pray that God would give us faithfulness and perseverance.
Enough for now, Praise God for his greatness!  I'm reminded at just how insignificant we are, yet our heavenly Father loves us and cares for us.  I want students to know him, pray that they would.

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