Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bible studies everywhere, and not a drop to...drink

So, we have a new situation here at Equip for the beginning of a Fall semester.

Not only do we currently have 12 Bible studies ready to go for the fall (times, locations, leaders, etc.), but those Bible studies are nearly 80% filled with (mainly) incoming freshmen and returning upperclassmen Equippers.  This is unprecedented for us.  We have not only never had this many Bible studies in one semester, we have certainly never had them nearly filled before the semester actually starts.  We are planning on have 75-100 students involved in these small group Bible studies.

So please pray for us.  We have several new changes this year, this one about Bible studies not least among them.  We will be meeting on campus for about 80% of our Wednesday night large group meetings, which might be a bit iffy whether we can fit into the room we currently have reserved.

Good things and great things.  God is good.  Please pray that we would continue to "make the horse ready for battle", knowing that the victory belongs to the Lord.  Please pray that we would continue to be diligent and faithful in the watering and planting that God calls us to do.
It's old, but it's a Bible study directly below our large group meeting room

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