Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Shot of Faith to the Head...Bang!

We started our book study today called "a shot of faith to the head: be a confident believer in an age of cranky atheists". I'm very excited about this book study. I've read about two thirds of the book and so far it's extremely helpful in helping Christians understand why and what they believe. It specifically is a response to much of modern day "new atheism", but does much more than that ... it's essentially a  book about Christian epistemology. 
There's one girl missing from this photo but so far it's a good group! Shaylee isn't pictured as well as Brandon who will be with us each week. 

Please pray for Adam, Lexi, Heidi, Shaylee, Kay, Brandon, and myself and for any others who show up that God would grant us deep insight and love for him. 

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