Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Retreat

Quick update and prayer request.
Would you please pray for us as we embark on our weekend Fall Retreat?  There will be 26 of us out at Lake Poinsett this weekend, which is a good sized group for us (something like more than 50% of Wednesday night large group attends, so that's cool).

Please pray for:

  1. Community and relationship building.  That student would grow in friendships with Christ at the center, and that they would make new friends with the same.  A whole weekend of 'together' can be a big deal in this way.
  2. That God would anoint the teaching and preaching of His word as we spend 3+ sessions together studying The Great Commandment.  Brandon is doing most of that teaching, so please pray for a blessing of conviction and clarity, and especially that God would move in everyone's hearts to know him and love him more.

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