Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I deem thee the QuadraBird

We were a part of organizing another protest outside of Planned Parenthood, in Sioux Falls this past Saturday.  It went well; 130 people showed up, we stood there from 9-11am with easily the same number of signs, and got a very good response from the passing traffic to our "Honk for Life" signs.

We also were the recipients of at least 14 'birds' (that we saw) through the morning.  One car with two especially delightful young ladies granted us what I deemed the "QuadraBird" (so witty).  One pair of hands out the sunroof, the other pair of hands out the passenger window.  We felt special.

Unfortunately, the local media didn't consider the nationally organized protest to be worth covering, with over 290+ PP locations nationwide participating.  O well, at least several thousand passerby's were reminded.

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